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One of the most loved casino games has been blackjack for many decades now. The popularity of the game has made it possible for several online versions to be created. But the most innovative variants of all is the Viure Negre Jack Estàndard. This game offers a live human dealer who assists you throughout the game, just as in a real-world casino. The feature offers a realistic experience for those who prefer playing at land casinos. Thus helping people cut down on costs and time required to travel to a casino destination. And this game can be played not just on computer systems, but mobiles as well. The betting limit is set between £1 to £5000 per hand.

Live Black Jack Standard High Roller

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aquest millor blackjack en viu realistic variant of popular blackjack was developed by NetEnt, a global leader in online casino gaming solution. They have over twenty years of experience in designing games from various casino categories that has helped people win some money.

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The aim of the player in this game is to beat the dealer’s hand by scoring points closer to or 21 without exceeding it. The rules in Viure Negre Jack Estàndard remains same as that of any other variant. If you get a bust then you lose the hand and all the bet amount you have placed. The dealer will stand at all 17s but you have the advantage of drawing cards further at this stage. The game requires a certain amount of luck but you need to put your best instincts at work as well.

Live Black Jack Standard High Roller

  • The Payout: Els pagaments de Viure Negre Jack Estàndard are one to one for the straight win without insurance or blackjack. If you get 21 points from first two cards, then it is called blackjack and you get three to two as a payout. Insurance pays your two to one and you get this benefit only when the dealer gets a blackjack.
  • Game Statistics: There are some game statistics displayed on the screen of this best live blackjack game. It shows the results of the last ten games that helps you strategize your betting in a much effective way. Based on the pattern and previous results you can decide whether to increase or decrease the bet amount.

Live Black Jack Standard High Roller


With live dealer feature and real-time game statistics, this Viure Negre Jack Estàndard game offers realistic experience. The high-quality video and audio make you feel you are in a real casino.