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You don’t need to go to a Casino in Vegas or make a trip to Monte Carlo to have to make your luck. You don’t need to a multi-millionaire whale to get noticed at casinos. We, at Lucks Casino, will work night and day to ensure every customer gets treated like a whale. Everyone who logs on to our site and decides to sit down at our live Roulette wheel is a whale for us, and we leave no stone upturned in pampering you out of your senses.

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A ‘Live Roulette Wheel’ Review by سالن رندی & Thor Thunderstruck for

The game of Roulette is French in origin. It was first made popular at the casinos of Monte Carlo. A game for Kings and Princes and royalty, this is something we believe makes the perfect fit for our clientele.

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Live Roulette Wheel lets you play real-time against opponents and gives you the chance to win some real cash. Not for one second will the fact that this is an online casino hamper the overall experience. Lucks Casino through its live Roulette wheel strives to bring the actual casino experience right to your bedroom. Our live dealer will ensure that the چرخ زندگی می کنند رولت is an experience that you will cherish, especially with our live Roulette wheel Bonus. This is made even better in our live Roulette wheel at Lucks Casino.


جوایز و پیشنهادات که یک قمار باز هرگز خواهید به دست

At Lucks Casino, we extend to you the benefit of our چرخ زندگی می کنند رولت Bonus that lets new users sign up for free. On top of that, we provide a پاداش ثبت نام that lets players use the Roulette Wheel for free for the first few games. You can win money by literally betting nothing, and this is where live Roulette wheel scores over all other casino games in other online casinos. This how we at Lucks treat our clients with privilege and dignity.

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دستگاه های تلفن همراه سازگار برای پخش زنده رولت

All smart phone and operating systems are compatible with Lucks Casino and out live Roulette wheel. They are:

  • All Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, iOS.
  • Android همه نسخه های فعلی
  • ویندوز فون
  • توت سیاه


پرداخت و برداشت با گزینه مناسب خود را

Payments and withdrawals have been made easier than ever before with our live Roulette wheel at Lucks. We want the widest possible audience to be able to play our live Roulette wheel at Lucks, so we have introduced a novel method for Bill Payment. You can use your BT land line bill or land line bill to pay for your deposits and play our live Roulette wheel. No need to bother with the hassle of online payments or cards.

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شما همچنین می توانید پرداخت از طریق Lucks اعتباری یا کارت بدهی and also mail us your deposit with a cheque.

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Pay Lucks via Credit or Debit Cards

You can call our customer care executives on any working day between 6 AM and 11 PM. Every waking hour of the day we at Lucks are here to serve you.

If you have any queries about Lucks Casino or our live Roulette wheel, then drop us a mail and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

You can also avail our Live Chat service during our working hours, and our customer care executives will be there to help.

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