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Birdz Slots Mobile pitää mitä voitat

Birdz Slots Mobile pitää mitä voitat

For a Slots Mobile pitää mitä voitat game, you can try out BIRDZ by Games Warehouse. This slot machine features birds on wires representing the symbols and reels respectively. The game has exciting bonus features like the Pecking Order Bonus, ZAP Bonus and Crackling Wild Bonus Feature to grace the presence of its players. Check out the review below for more information.

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A Slots Mobile Keep What You Win Game With An Exquisite Gameplay

This Slots Mobile Keep What You Win game comes with 3 wires (rows), 5 reels and 30 fixed paylines. The wires are strung from one pole to another. As mentioned earlier, birds of various colours are the main symbols of this game. There is an Egg symbol which represents the Wild icon.

Winning combinations are achieved when matching birds land on the wires. They get replaced immediately by other birds to further help you with achieving more winning combos. There is one feature where BIRDZ on the wires can be shot down to help you land matching birds. This feature is known as a ‘Shotgun Feature’ and it is triggered when a shotgun symbol on the side of the screen lights up.

Birdz Slots Mobile pitää mitä voitat

The ZAP Bonus Feature

There is a ‘Bonus Trail’ in this game which moves players up to one level when they land a winning combo. However, when a player does not land a winning combo, it will automatically lead to the activation of a bonus feature to give them a chance of landing wins.  

One of such bonus features in this Slots Mobile Keep What You Win game is the ‘ZAP Bonus Feature’ which will ‘zap’ the birds present on a chosen wire when activated. The zapped birds will then be replaced by new birds and hopefully, you will land a matching combo and win.

Other Bonus Features In This Slots Mobile Keep What You Win Game

In this Slots Mobile Keep What You Win game you have other bonus features on offer. There is a ‘Crackling Wild Bonus Feature’ that boosts your chances of landing matching symbols and winning by including wild icons on the reels. You also have a ‘Pecking Order Bonus Feature’ which helps by substituting low-value symbols with high-value symbols for bigger wins and payouts. There is also the ‘Scarecrow Bonus Feature’ that involves the inclusion of birds on the wire to ensure that the reels are populated with birds for even greater wins.

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This is a well-crafted online slot machine with nice graphics and sound effects. The bonus features are a real plus to this game as these can help players achieve consistent as well as reasonable payouts.