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Who had thought that the cute Babushka dolls would be recreated in a slot game which would be full of fun? Babushka is an amazing slot game that represents the beautiful Matryoshka dolls that are contained inside each other. This slot is all about a clever gameplay and exciting theme. Let us know what the slot game of Babushka is all about.

About the developer:


The designer and developer of Babushka are the newest in the field. Thunderkick, this gaming company is a newly formed gaming company that is based in Stockholm in Sweden. By far, Thunderkick Games has released a few number of slot games. Looking at the variety of these slots, it can be concluded that Thunderkick will surely garner attention in the coming days in the casino industry.

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About the Game:

Babushkas is an amazing slot game that comprises of 5 reels ad 17 pay lines. These 17 pay lines are fixed throughout your gameplay. The background of this slot game is the beautiful tapestry that has been patterned well. The Balalaika tune accompanies you throughout your gameplay. The standard symbols in this entire slot game are the beautiful dolls in different colors of orange, purple, yellow, green, blue, red, and pink. The symbol of wild is represented by an enclosed doll with a big ‘W’. It substitutes for everything. This wild also triggers a number of bonuses during your gameplay.


The bonus features in Babushka are many. There is a symbol upgrade that appears within a normal gameplay. On the account of your landing a winning combination, any neighboring symbol of one lower value shall be upgraded in order to match up that combination if a few pay lines in this slot could be formed. Each time this process is executed, a payout is formed. This process continues until no new pay lines or upgrades are made. Also, if all the symbols finally match, this slot provides you one upgrade for all of them. If they reach the maximum value, these will alter themselves into a ghost symbol and you will get 100x on your stake.

There is also a wild mystery bonus in this slot where the wild doll appears only on the reel 3. Whenever this doll does it, it may spin to expose a star on the very upper half. It will reward you three different features namely, scare bear, charm bear, and dance bear.



Babushka is an amazing slot to play along with the traditional features. The Babushka dolls are so cute and the whole theme is all about colourful variations. The beginners can have fun playing this slot.

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