Beehive Bedlam Slots

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Beehive Bedlam Slots

Beehive Bedlam Slots

Beehive Bedlam Slots is a game developed by Core Gaming. It has a main theme that is based on bees. This slot has no Wild symbol. However, there is a free fall bonus icon and exciting bonus features. You can learn more about this slot when you read the review below.

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Getting To Know Beehive Bedlam Slots

In Beehive Bedlam, the standard reels are replaced with a unique beehive structure. This beehive structure consists of 7 rows and 7 columns. You match up a minimum of five symbols to gain a winning combination. Wins can be achieved on a vertical or horizontal plane.

This slot is rich in bee-related symbols. The symbols include flowers of different colours. You have blue, pink, red and purple coloured flowers. There is also a beekeeper, a daisy and a bee named Buzz. These symbols have varying degrees of significance and values.

This slot has no Wild icon as mentioned earlier. There is a bonus icon in Beehive Bedlam Slots called a Free Fall symbol. This icon activates the Free Fall Bonus Feature. The Free Fall bonus is a Free Spins bonus round.

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The Beehive Bedlam Slots Pollen Count Meter

Beehive Bedlam Slots consists of a “Pollen Count” meter. This is located on the right side and at the bottom of the screen. Each time you land a winning combo the meter fills up. A full Pollen Count meter will give you a reward.

Looking at the left-hand corner of the screen you will see a Honey Jar symbol. By landing five beekeeper symbols. You will fill the honey jar with sweet honey. You will activate a Honey Jar Island Bonus round once the honey jar is filled up.

The Honey Jar Island bonus round in Beehive Bedlam consists of 10 Island levels. These levels are on different islands in the honey jar world. There is a great cash payout that awaits you if you complete all 10 Island levels. Players can also earn as much as 15 free spins by landing six free fall bonus symbols.

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To Sum Up

Beehive Bedlam Slots also has Progressive Jackpots. You have a paytable that reveals all your rewards and achievements. The graphics and animation are cute. The gameplay is good, but the theme music could have been better. Players should expect huge cash rewards when they complete the 10 island levels in the honey jar round.