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There are many variations of the classic blackjack both at land-based as well as online casinos. Blackjack 3 from NetEnt allows the players to place bets on up to 3 hands simultaneously for each game round. The rules and gameplay in this Mobile Blackjack Deposit using phone game remain the same as the classic blackjack.

About the Developer of Blackjack 3

Net Entertainment was founded over 20 years back in 1996 by a leading land-based casino. All their games whether they are video slots or casino games are known for high-end graphics, audio and plenty of functions. This Mobile Blackjack Deposit using phone game is one of the casino table game designed by them for online players.

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About the Game

This Mobile Blackjack Deposit using phone game uses 6 decks of 52 cards. The players, in order to beat the dealer, need to have more points than the dealer but without ever exceeding total 21 points. Once you are dealt the two initial cards, you have the option of Hit, Stand or Double. You will lose if you hit more than 21 points and the hand is a bust. In case the dealer has more than 21 points than his hand also busts making him lose. If you get an Ace and a 10 point card as your two initial cards, then it is a blackjack. Blackjack will win over the 21 points hand. The dealer will stand 17 which include a soft 17 with an Ace in it and he will hit on 16 points. The players can view the last 10 hands of the dealer in the top right corner of the screen of Blackjack 3.

The special features of this Mobile Blackjack Deposit using phone game are:

  1. Split- The players can split the cards if the initial two cards dealt are equal in value.
  2. Double- The players after receiving the first two cards can double the bet.
  3. Insurance- The player can take the option of Insurance if the first up card the dealer is dealt is an Ace.
  4. Even Money- If the dealer’s first open card is an Ace and the player has Blackjack then the player can decide to be paid Even Money. It means the player will automatically win his bet double back.


Since the rules and gameplay are same as the classic version, this Mobile Blackjack Deposit using phone game is not difficult to understand and play.

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