Dawn Of The Bread

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Dawn Of The Bread

Dawn of the Bread, A Slots online Deposit Game Which Evokes Eerie & Paves Way for Some Big Wins

An unusual sense of dark humour inspired the makers of Dawn of the Bread to create this zombie-themed slots online sign up deposit game. If you look closely, the theme would remind you of the common folklore that talks about a zombie chef who would add grotesque objects to his bakery products to haunt his buyers. The game has this eerie backdrop which stirs a unique adrenaline and makes the whole gaming experience very entertaining. So come over, join the fun!

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Once the theme was sorted, our whole focus was to make the game easy to play and yet full of exciting elements to keep our players engaged and entertained. Our designing partner, Microgaming has done a stupendous job in creating the best version of our desired zombie themed slots online sign up deposit game.

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The slots online sign up deposit game that sets the mood for a Halloween party, Dawn of the Bread aims simply at revealing the hidden symbols in all bread. Players only have to scratch the loaves to find these symbols. Every time a player manages to match up three symbols they are entitled to win the prize that is predetermined and is visible on the pay-table. So join us and play as much as you want.

All About Paylines & Symbols Of This Deposit Sign Up Bonus Deposit Casino Slot:

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We at Lucks Casino aim to produce the maximum amount of opportunities for our players to win big. Keeping that in mind we ensure that the gaming procedure is hassle-free and is devoid of any kind of misleading information.

Throughout this slots online sign up deposit game, a player is supposed to collect the symbols inside the bread loafs and these symbols only determine their total earnings in the end. Out per card, only one winning combination is paid. To make the deal furthermore lucrative there is a Jackpot as well.

Finally, each of the eerie symbols carries a multiplier which you can attain if you get a pair of three similar symbols. The cockroaches would give you an X2 multiplier, rats give you X10, Hearts convert into X2500 and finally, Eyes would get you the big fat X10000 multiplier. So join us and enjoy!

Players can also pick the option of a special button on the control panel and scratch off a protective covering from their card with the use of mouse cursor.

Enticing Gaming Theme And Background Make This Online Slot With Deposit An Exciting One:

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As this slots online sign up deposit game begins you would notice a zombie baker kneading a dough. In the centre, there is an oven which has 9 breads and the paytable is located on the left side of the screen. The scene in front definitely evokes eerie, however, is also very unlike any other theme available for other slots online with sign up deposit feature.

Providing a user-friendly interface is our priority number one at Lucks Casino. We ensure that by producing articulate instructions and control panel. For instance, the button Stake as the name itself suggests is for selecting the bet size. Also, other important components of the game include a New Card/Reveal option that is used for buying a new card or to scratch off a protective covering. Finally, Win shows the summarized payout amount. A line above the panel carries all the suggested advice for playing Dawn of the Bread.

In the end, we can only thank our partners at Microgaming who managed to cater an interesting mix of varied elements. We at Lucks Casino are proud to present a modern-day creation of a zombie-free slot with sign up deposit. The game not only manages to excite you but also gives a fair amount of opportunities to win a hell-big amount of money.

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