Diamond Deal

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Diamond Deal is a game that is quite similar to the other works from Gamevy; they deviate from the usual spins and bring in more risk. You come across lottery features in the gameplay. Diamond Deal is so unlike other general casino games. Read more in order to discover what makes it stand out.

Diamond Deal

About the Developer

Gamevy is a developer that is based in London and is devoted to creating an entirely unique brand in the world of online casino gaming. With games from Gamevy, you don't have to play cards or spin reels and wheels. Read on to get an idea into what a Gamevy title looks like.

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About the Game

Diamond Deal is a game that involves diamonds. You have to find the diamonds that are lurking behind the selected squares on a 5 x 10 grid. The design of the game is one that is in between real-life and cartoonish. Regardless of this, the gameplay is quite entertaining.

When you start the game, you have to select the amount you wish to bet. This amount ranges from a minimum of £1 per round to a maximum of £10 per round. The jackpot increases as your stake increases. With a stake of £1, you get a jackpot of £100,000 while a stake of £10 results in a £1,000,000 jackpot.

In Diamond Deal you have four lives with which you are to select the right portions of the grid. If you find a diamond, your four lives would be replenished. If you don't find a diamond and your lives are used up, the game displays a huge 'UNLUCKY' in mid-screen and you have to restart.

Of the fifty partitions in the grid, only ten of them contain the needed diamonds; finding diamonds shouldn't be any easier. When you click on a portion of the grid, it is illuminated by a white light before its content is displayed. If it is empty, it displays an empty black box.

If it contains a diamond, it displays the diamond and the diamond becomes larger and fills a large portion of the grid. This displays the amount you have won with a bright light shining on your win. This is accompanied by a victorious soundtrack that is sure to keep you fired up for more action.

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Diamond Deal


Diamond Deal is quite entertaining and financially rewarding. It is ideal for players hungry for a new experience.

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