Classic Roulette

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Amongst all the casino games, the most popular and the most iconic one is the roulette. Roulette is also one of the oldest slots which was already played in its rudimentary form in the 18-19th century. It doesn’t matter if you a novice or a progressive roulette player, Classic Roulette (LIVE) game is recommended for all kind of players.

About Developer

Classic Roulette (LIVE) is powered by the NetEnt game developer. NetEnt is a premium supplier of gaming solutions to the most progressive online casinos of the world. They have launched exceptional live casino experience for all the players. NetEnt has been pioneering in the online gaming industry for 20 years.

Classic Roulette

About Game

The aim of this Free Roulette Mobile Bonus table game isn’t that tough to follow as it is totally on you to guess in which slot the ball will fall after jumping leaping the roulette wheel. This will be clear once you place more than one stakes on the roulette table. On the table game screen, the bet field is seen with its outside betting areas (even/odd, red/black etc.) and the inside betting regions (the numbers 0 to 36). The Free Roulette Mobile Bonus game provides you with 0-36 numbers, out of which half will be of red color and the other half will be of black color, excluding the one number just because zero has a bright green color. Generally, this will be seen on both the roulette table and the wheel, but this classic Roulette (LIVE) table displays all the table numbers in green and red, whereas the roulette wheel does display the true colors. But then don’t get confused as the green is black and vice versa. The numbers will anyway lead you to the correct color if mixed up. The outside wagering field in this  Free Roulette Mobile Bonus game is split in 2 and situated along both sides of the roulette table layout.

In Live Roulette, a player can opt between Live Dealer roulette and Auto Roulette. Live roulette differs from the usual roulette dramatically. In this Free Roulette Mobile Bonus Game, a ‘prison’ function is present. A spin of the numbers 0, half the rates stay the same spot in which they already were. A player may not be able to get rid of these rates in the upcoming throw of the ball.

Classic Roulette


This Classic Roulette (LIVE) is an ideal Free roulette Mobile Bonus game and is fully entertaining and fun-packed. This is a popular French game of roulette.