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Jacks or Better

SMS Billing Poker Takes Jacks or Better From the Casinos Into The Palm of Your Hand

Like all the other different kinds of poker including Russian poker, Pregnant 3's, Texas Hold 'Em and others, Jacks or Better is a very interesting and totally captivating real money mobile poker game. As many casino lovers know, there are two categories of casino games including Table games, where Poker generally falls and Mobile slots where Video Poker, a close variation of Jacks or Better and Jacks or Better, falls. The beauty of it is that in most casinos, sms billing poker is an enabled feature.

SMS billing Poker at Luck’s Casino not only provides the convenience of not having to carry credit or debit cards and wallets but is also very safe to use. Considering that this game has a 99.5% Return to Player, taking the time out to play Jacks or Better for free using your welcome bonus so you can learn some good strategies will be well worth your time.

What is Jacks or Better all about at a Glance at the Luck’s Casino

Jacks or Better

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Jacks or Better, also fondly called 'Draw Poker' by its fanatics, is a five card draw game. After paying through the sms billing poker system and placing a bet of one or more hands, the player is dealt with five cards:

  • The lowest winning hand is a pair of Jacks. If this is not available, the player spins another round where they are dealt another five cards
  • Here, a pair of Queens or better is able to open the bet. If this is not available too, with five cards, the player spins another round
  • In this round, Kings or better can open the bet
  • If not available, in the next round, Aces or opens the betting and this goes back to Jacks.

One can then place their bet through the sms billing poker, with a maximum bet giving high chances of taking the pot. Generally, players can bet on up to 20 hands at the same time to further increase the odds of winning big.

Jacks or Better

Depending on the rarity of the hand dealt, the game operator and the wager a player places through the sms billing poker method, one is poised to hit progressive jackpots, unique bonuses including the Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus only at Luck’s Casino. Daring players – or confident ones! - even have the option to gamble and 'Double or Nothing' their wins to go big...Or live home!

How Much can Online Poker Players Actually Win at Luck’s Casino?

By placing a bet, high or low depending on the sms billing poker credit, a player is poised to make large wins. The minimum amount one can win is by a pair of jacks hand, which gives an even payout. The payoff schedule for the game is set to give higher payouts for certain hands e.g. the Royal flush and the straight flush. With the SMS billing poker, a maximum number of credits will give a higher theoretical 99.5% return to player thus, a bigger win.

Jacks or Better

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