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Smartphone Live Casino Baccarat for Android and iPhone

This is a simple and exciting classic casino card game that dates back hundreds of years. It can now also be played online with a live dealer in a real casino setting and video streamed in HD at Luck’s Casino. The game is streamed directly to your computer, electronic devices or a smartphone via live casino in real time, as you enjoy it comfortably when you're on the move or on the go – or when you're needing some 'you time' at home!

The main aim of this game is to predict whose hands, between the banker and the player's own hands has a total of nine (i.e. the dealer or the player, or both): The bets are placed, the dealer distributes two cards to herself/himself, and 2 to the players. The hand which totals closest to nine, wins. There are three outcomes which you may bet on, the banker wins, the player wins, or there is a tie.

Smartphones & Mobile Devices Are the Best Way to Enjoy Online Live Casino Games

The smartphone live casino game of Luck’s Casino provides you with smart interactive features such as live chat, statistics, and recent history, which keeps you updated on betting history every time you decide to play. You don’t need to be an expert to win in this game, all you need is a basic understanding of the game, rules and approach the game in a calm mood.

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Features of Live-Baccarat; Smartphone Live Casino:

The basic online game has a freeplay mode where Baccarat is not played with real money. This provides an excellent opportunity for players to sample the atmosphere and gameplay before committing to a real money casino games wager at Luck’s Casino
The smartphone live casino game features a strong promotional structure and great live casino sign up deposit bonuses, so as a player, you will be earning your cash back on almost every bet.

Smartphone Live Casino Baccarat has various variants and currently Microgaming provides two platforms to choose from. Multi Player Baccarat and Dragon Bonus Baccarat. Your score in this smartphone live casino game is determined by summing your 2 cards and taking the rightmost digit.

Enjoy the Exciting Live-Baccarat Winnings and Payout

In both the game variations, Multi Player Baccarat and the Dragon Bonus Baccarat, the same standard payout applies to winners of the smartphone live casino:

Player (1:1), Banker (1:1 less the 5% commission on a banker win) and tie (8:1). Side bets on offer may include a lucky pairs option which pays 11:1 on either a player’s unsuited pair or a banker’s unsuited pair and 25:1 on Banker’s or Player’s suited perfect pair.

Generally, live-baccarat, a smartphone live casino game is preferred by many people because of its genuineness. As a player, you know precisely how many decks are on the table and you know when the dealer will reshuffle. Register to play now at Luck’s Casino and enjoy a fantastic Live Baccarat game from your smartphone.

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