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Blackjack is a casino game that is best enjoyed at a table with a professional dealer assisting you. That is the reason why people travel to far destinations on a vacation to enjoy this game. Thanks to Live VIP Blackjack that is an online version but with a real human dealer offering real-time assistance. This phone blackjack free bonus game comes with a high definition 3D setup with real game table and real cards. There are multiple high-quality cameras that give you realistic view of the game from different viewing angles. This game is suitable for VIP players who bet with a higher amount. The limits are between £1 and £5000 that makes the game ideal for all types of players.

Live Black Jack Standard High Roller

About the developer of Live VIP Blackjack

This live version phone blackjack free bonus game was developed by NetEnt, a pioneer in online casino gaming. They have twenty years of rich experience creating several different varieties of games to suit all types of audience.

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About the game

The rules of this phone blackjack free bonus are very simple and similar to that of the land-based casino version. To win a hand you must beat the dealer’s hand by scoring closer to 21 points than the dealer. A beautiful dealer will be assisting you in placing your bets and she will prompt each time so you do not forget. She will stand on all 17s, however, you have an upper hand here since you can draw cards further beyond 17. If you exceed 21 then you will lose the hand and likewise in the case of the dealer too. The game screen also displays an array of statistics that can help you plan your strategies better.

Live Black Jack Standard High Roller

  • Betting Payouts: When you win with a straight hand by beating the dealer’s hand, your payout is 100% on your bet. If you win with a blackjack hand, that is if you get 21 points from the first two cards, the payout is 3 to 2. Insurance pays you two to one when the dealer gets a blackjack hand.
  • Buying Insurance: Insurance is only offered by the live dealer when her open card is an Ace. You will need to pay half your bet amount as a fee towards insurance in this phone blackjack free bonus game. If the dealer does not get blackjack then you will not get anything but the game proceeds as normal.

Live Black Jack Standard High Roller


This phone blackjack free bonus game will make you feel like a VIP with the ability to bet using high stakes. The live dealer atmosphere offers a realistic experience so you do not miss going to a land casino.


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