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Premier Roulette

Premier Roulette Real Money Games Deliver the Ultimate Casino Thrills

Premier Roulette real money online games on Lucks Casino have captivated the hearts (and wallets!) of classic table games enthusiasts all over the world! It is a modern version of Casino Roulette that's still played by betting on the numbered table layout and predicting the number/colour that the ball will land on once the wheel had been spun.

Enjoy the Attractive Customisable Roulette Table Online Options

At Lucks Casino, Premier Roulette real money gives players an opportunity to choose/customise their own Roulette wheel and table:
The Roulette wheel may be coloured in black or mahogany while the Roulette table may have a green, blue, or red appearance

Premium Roulette

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Therefore, there are six different wheel-and-table combinations for a player to choose from
Psychologically, a certain combination may yield fruits to someone, but mathematically, there is no proof
Choosing a combination you like makes you feel comfortable and your chances of winning might increase and earn for yourself even better Roulette real money rewards

How to Play the Amazing Online Premier Roulette

At Lucks Casino, both the black and mahogany wheels have single zero pockets. All of the bets in standard Roulette are also available in Premier Roulette real money. These include the inside and outside bets. Others are Call Bets and Neighbour Bets which are based on the proximity of the Roulette numbers on the wheel rather than their proximity on the roulette table.

Premium Roulette

Special Features of Premier Roulette Real Money Games Online at Lucks Casino:
Repeat: This feature allows the player to place the wager on the next spin with one click. This is suitable when placing multiple bets of different denominations
Video Zoom: This enables players to get a close-up view of the portion of the wheel with the roulette ball in it, at the end of every spin. This way the winning roulette number is seen more clearly
Win Details: This is the detailed information on the screen about the player’s winning bets. It is extremely necessary for those making multiple bets. This system will tell of their total payout for the spin and their independent payouts odds and amount for each bet made
Game Speed: This is the feature which shows the player the statistics of the entire Premier Roulette playing session. The statistics include the number of spins, the amount of playing time, the detailed winning wager breakdown. This feature is helpful towards keeping track of the performance and laying the best roulette betting strategies.

Popular Roulette Bets All Players Should Follow

Inside Bets: These are bets on a single numbers or on a small group of up to six numbers, placed on the virtual roulette table. These bets have lower winning odds but, higher payouts. They includes; Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner, Five Number, and Line Bets.

Premium Roulette

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Outside Bets: These bets are placed in the properly marked squares around the outside of the grid. The bets are of larger group of twelve or eighteen numbers. They have relatively higher winning odds than the inside Bets but with relatively lower payouts. They include; Column, Dozen, Even-Money, Even/Odd, High/Low, and Colour Bets.
Neighbour Bets: Unlike other betting types, Neighbour Bets are bets on numbers that are neighbours on the roulette wheel. This betting system is found only in certain selected roulette variations.

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