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If there’s one game in the casino world we think just doesn’t get enough attention it’s Live Baccarat as it’s easily up there as one of, if not our most favourite live casino game. Baccarat’s a little different to most other casino games out there as it isn’t a card game where you need to try and beat the dealer, it’s a game where you need to try and bet on the outcome of the round so you can bet on either yourself or the dealer to win, or strangely enough you can also bet on the game resulting in a draw!

Playing live Baccarat online

If you’re looking to spice up your gaming life then this is the perfect game to do it with and the good news is the rules are incredibly easy to pick up. At its core live Baccarat is a point game very similar to Blackjack where the person with the most points at the end of the game wins. The only difference here though is how the total points are calculated and how many cards each person gets.

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In live Baccarat each card is worth the same number of points as in Blackjack aka the face cards are worth 10, the ace 1/11, and the number cards whatever number they are. The difference though is that when you add up your point totals on your cards you only take the final digit to be your total score. So if your cards add up to 17 your final score is 7; likewise if your cards add up to 12 your final score is 2, and if your cards add up to 9 your total ends up being 9. If you get that then you’ll get live Baccarat as that’s all there is to it.

You and the dealer both begin by being dealt two face up cards and your cards are then added together to get your total score. At this point of the game if either player has 8 or 9 the game will come to an end with the highest scorer winning the hand. If that didn’t happen then the game continues with the player taking one more card and depending on what their new score is the dealer may or may not take a card.

There will be a little chart at every live Baccarat table letting players know when the dealer takes a card and it’s dependant on what score you and the dealer currently have. So don’t worry about needing to learn anything here as the chart will always have the answer! Once this has been done the game will come to an end with the highest scorer being the winner.

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When you’re actually sat at a live Baccarat table you’ll have a live stream up of the table which will feature the dealer and the extra large deck of cards they’ll be using. There will also be a stack of chips at the table which you’ll use to bet with by clicking once on the chip you like and once more on the betting box you’d like to place it in. There’s no additional actions you need to make in the game of Baccarat so once you’ve done that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game being played out. Maybe even have a little chat with the dealer if you feel in the mood.

So if this sounds like a good bit of fun to you then you’ll be happy to hear you can play live Baccarat where and when you want 24 hours of the day thanks to live casinos!

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