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Scratch Cards Online Add To The Fun Of Lucks Casino – Get 100% Up to $/€/£200 Welcome Offer

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Remember those scratch cards that you would get free for a pack of bubble gum from the corner shop on your street? The sheer joy of slowly scratching away at the silvery surface, as a prize slowly unfolded from absolute nothing is an amazing feeling. Scratch cards online at Lucks hopes to recreate those stolen moments of joy and wonderment right here at in the comforts of your own home. Scratch cards form an integral part of any one’s childhood, and we believe that scratch cards online is designed to simulate that complete experience only for you.

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Scratch Card UK

Get 100% Welcome Bonus Up To $/€/£200

Lucks is an online casino that is geared to bring you the best casino experience that you could hope for. Unlike other casinos, Lucks Online Casino along with scratch cards online will recreate the environs of Monte Carlo or Vegas right at your home. We believe that every one of our customers is a whale and should be treated like the kings that they are for choosing Lucks Casino and for wanting to play scratch cards online.

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The peeve of many customers and gamers is the disingenuous nature of online casinos, but not so at Lucks Casino. Our online live chat facilities allow you to interact with other customers as well as with our people in real time. So if you have any queries about scratch cards online or you simply want to chat with a friend as you use our scratch cards online, then you know what to do!

Why We Are Better Than Going To An Actual Casino?

 Scratch Cards Online

Going to Vegas or Monte Carlo is not really feasible for everyone. The cost of travel as well accommodation, and add to that the fact that most of these casinos require extremely high initial deposits and the whole ordeal becomes too cumbersome for most people. Lucks Casino, on the other hand, has no initial deposit that you have to make to start playing. Furthermore, games like scratch card online make it even easier for you to start playing since the cost hovers at even less than a pound.

Now comes the better part. Scratch card online comes with an initial best slot machine style bonus deposit that lets you play your first game free. Yes, you read that right. Your first scratch card UK will be free of cost, and you might even have some money left over after that first card.

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The cost of scratch cards bonus is so low you can even play with some of the money that you might have left over after a round of Roulette or Backgammon.

Compatible Devices To Play Slots Online

All our games at Lucks Casino are compatible with the latest gadgets. Be it a smartphone or a tablet, our software works on everything smoothly. You can play your favorite games on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows.

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Payments And Withdrawal Methods At Lucks

You can make your deposits and withdrawals in any of the ways listed below. We have tried to ensure our payment methods make it that much easier for you to play scratch cards online.

  • Cards: You can pay using your credit or debit card. We accept major cards like Visa and MasterCard among others.
  • Cheques: The transaction time for cheques is slightly more. You can mail them to us at our postal address.

However, our most important method of payments for scratch cards online is via your BT Landline Bill that enables you to pay using your monthly phone bills.

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How To Get In Touch With Us

We, at Lucks Casino, are here at your every beck and call. All you need to do is reach out to us with any query that you might have regarding scratch cards online. You can contact us in any of the following ways:

  • E-Mail: You can e-mail us at Lucks with your questions regarding scratch cards online.
  • Chat: We have a live chat service that enables our people to answer all your queries regarding scratch cards online.
  • Call Us: Call us or Live Chat, between 7 AM and 11 PM.