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When it comes to the choice that live online casinos are able to offer players it actually goes beyond just the selection of games; there’s actually a whole bunch of choice when it comes to who’s providing those games for you too. This gives you an added bit of variation even if you like to stick to just the one game as you’ll often notice there’s a little bit of difference between the various gaming developers providing the games.

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We wouldn’t say all software providers are made equal however and we certainly think some of them out there are better than others and today we’ll try to give you a rundown of who we think are the three best and what it is that makes them so great. If you are just starting out in the live online casinos world we would suggest you stick to these three here at the start as they’ll have everything you could be looking for as far as live casino games and quality goes!

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The first on the list is going to be the most popular gaming developer out the lot of them and that’s NetEnt who are known for pretty much being great at everything. NetEnt don’t really have a weakness so to speak but they definitely have a few strengths that we’ll highlight for you now.

One of the first perks you get from playing at a NetEnt live online casinos are some dazzling looks. NetEnt will often(but not always) dress their dealers, tables, and casino in a black and emerald colour scheme which looks modern, stylish, and incredibly snazzy if we do say so yourself.

Perhaps the first major perk worth mentioning though is the fact that NetEnt has an incredibly easy to use interface which makes it the ideal candidate for any new player. This is also true of their online games which is why nowadays around 1 in 3 casinos now will offer players NetEnt games so it’s definitely something that players seem to be enjoying!

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To go along with this NetEnt live online casinos also offer players a choice of 25 unique languages and currencies which should cater to just about every players needs as well as also offer seamless gameplay with some high end graphics to match. To be honest though all three of these software providers we talk about here today offer the best in terms of graphics and gameplay but we think it’s worth mentioning all the same!

If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous then the next on our list might be a bit more attractive to you and that’s Microgaming. While Microgaming may not excel in all the same areas that NetEnt does what it is able to offer players is a much wider range of games than anyone else. If there’s ever been a casino game you’ve liked the look of but just haven’t had the chance to play then your best bet is with Microgaming!

Microgaming are able to offer players all the classics of Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker which is to be expected but they also offer the many variations each of these games have too. Not only that but games like Baccarat are also very common at Microgaming live casino and better yet they even have some really unique games like Sic Bo waiting to be played as well! Unfortunately, Microgaming only offer their games in the English language but if you’ve made it this far into the article already that’s probably not going to be a problem.

The quality of Microgaming is still incredibly high and they offer a much wider of variety of games than anyone else so if you’re looking to try out something new then this is the best starting point for you!

The final name on our list we think is fair to call the creme de la creme of the live online casinos industry right now and that’s Playtech! Playtech are a pretty big top name in the online casino industry due to their links with many of Hollywood’s movie studios which has allowed them to bring out multiple blockbuster games featuring famous names you will have seen before.

When it comes to the actual live casino side however it seems pretty evident that Playtech have done a lot of investing as their dealers look as beautiful as ever and the tables simply look deluxe. If you consider yourself a bit of a high roller too you may want to take Playtech up on their private VIP live casino tables too which offer players a more personal experience that comes with some added privacy as well! These tables do require you play at higher stakes but if you can afford it the benefits are easy to see.

Out of these three we don’t think you can pick a wrong one and in fact we actually choose to play at all three live casinos for varying reasons. If this is your very first time starting out at a live casino then our suggestion would be to go with NetEnt as they have a very intuitive and easy to use interface which will give you the smoothest start to your gaming experience.

If you’re feeling quite confident playing at any live casino but you’d like to try out something a little different then the only logical choice is Microgaming as they have the widest selection out the three.

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Finally, if you know exactly what it is you’re looking to play and it’s one of the classics then you’ll want to head straight for a Playtech live casino as while their choice isn’t as far reaching as the other two mentioned today what they offer they truly seem to specialise in and offer players a deluxe experience like no other!