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There’s a couple of things that usually shock new players to the live casino industry and out of those the most shocking is probably the bonuses they have readily available to all their players. When we first started playing we couldn’t believe what was being thrown at us and since then the numbers have only been going up and the bonuses have been getting more creative in order to make sure that every player’s needs are being catered for too.

Live Online Casino Bonuses Guide

There’s no doubt it would take us far too long to tell you about each and every bonus or promotion that live casinos will throw at you however we can break a lot of them down into separate categories to give you a strong idea of just what you can expect to find. Hopefully you haven’t signed up with a new site just yet as the first bonus type on our list is the one we think you should definitely take a site or two up on before you do anything else. The bonus we’re talking about is a no deposit bonus which is a deposit bonus that doesn’t require you to put a single penny on a site before you can start playing for real cash!

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When you register with a live casino that offers players a no deposit bonus you’ll be given somewhere in the region of £5 to £15 to play with free of charge. There is some wagering requirement in place just to stop you from withdrawing it straight away but if you do end up a winner you can most definitely walk away with some easy money! More importantly though it gives you the perfect opportunity to play around in the various live casino games to see what you like and that you understand how the software works.

These are only small bonuses in the grand scheme of things really but they offer absolutely everything that a new player to the scene could want; a chance to play all the games while walking away with a bunch of free money at the same time! And if in the end you didn’t like the site you’re not obliged to stay!

 The main bonuses that live casinos like to offer their players are new player deposit bonuses and these are amongst the largest bonuses you’ll find in any form of entertainment or gaming! The general gist of how these bonuses work are that when you make a deposit with a site they’ll match it for you. That’s only the basics of it though. Typically the less money you deposit on a site the more value they’ll try to give you and on the flip side the more cash you deposit with a site the more they’ll try to give you back. This could mean you may see a matching deposit  bonus worth £1,000 or you may see a deposit £10 play with £40 deal being offered and this is to try and cater to every players needs to make sure they’re getting a little something extra.

There is one downside that comes with these bonuses which is there’s a playing requirement put in place to stop you up and running with the £500 or more they gave you free of charge. If you want to skip all the hassle and get a little bit cash while you play with no strings attached instead then it’s a cashback bonus you’ll be looking for! With a cashback deal when you make a deposit and lose it all you’ll instantly be given a percentage of it right back into your account to do with what you like whether that’s play some more games or make a withdrawal. The amount you get will vary from site to site but you’ll want at least 10% of your money back here with the average being somewhere around the 15% mark!

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These are the main three bonuses you’ll run into when you first sign up with a live casino however they’re also only where the fun begins. Once you’re actually signed up with a place you’ll run into what appears to be a seemingly never ending stream of promotions which usually starts at the site’s VIP program where the more you play at the site the more they’ll give you in cash bonuses, it will then go on to weekend cash races, free spins on slots, raffle giveaways to exotic holidays, and added prize games. What you get is completely up to the site in question however you will find similar things start to pop up each week, month, and year so there will always be something to look forward to when you log in.

Our final point would be to once again stress how great we think no deposit bonuses are as they’ll let you get used to a site and its games, all while giving you a free shot at winning some real cash prizes!

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