about live casinos

If there’s one thing we really love to do in our spare time it’s play casino games, and recently those experiences have been better than ever before thanks to the many live casinos the online world has to offer. This has truly revolutionized the way we do our gaming as it’s combined the best parts of the online and real world to create an experience that is both immersive and convenient! If this sounds all well and good to you then we suggest you read on and start learning about the wonderful world of live casinos and what they can offer you!

About live online casinos

When you break a live casino down it’s a rather simple idea, however it’s also one that’s only really been able to break through in the last few years thanks to improvements in technology. The idea is this – you have a livestream video on every single table in a casino. Then, players can pick and choose between which tables to play at and when they do the livestream of that particular table will appear on their screen. You won’t just be able to see the dealers who are playing out the games here though, you’ll also be able to hear them and have conversations while you play too!

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There’s a lot of added benefits that come from playing through live casinos and the clearest one is simply that you don’t have to waste so much time going back and forth from your local casino just to get a rich and vibrant atmosphere with your games. Everything you’re able to do in an actual casino you’re able to do in a live one so why not take the easy option that comes with all the added benefits?

The second of those benefits is the speed of flicking between games. If you’ve decided you’ve had enough of the Blackjack table and want to play a bit of Roulette finding a spot at a casino can often take a bit of time when the place is crowded, this doesn’t matter at a live casino as even if it’s a busy night it doesn’t take you any longer to sit down and start enjoying the games.

The games themselves are the third advantage to playing at a live casino as there’s simply more choice than ever before. The restraints of a live dealer roulette casino are nothing like that of an actual one as they don’t need to be built in busy city centers or places with huge costs, because of this(as well as the increased player pool) live casinos are able to offer players far more choice than ever before! This starts with all the main games players know and love like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker and then it moves on to all their variations, and then some of the lesser known games such as Baccarat and Craps, and then it even throws in some games you may not have heard of like Sic Bo too!  There’s a lot of choice at live casinos which make them an awesome place to try out and enjoy new games as well as play some variations of the ones you already know!

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To get started at a live casino you’ll want to register at either an online or mobile casino; which one you choose is up to you but they do all provide live casino games nowadays albeit with a few games different here and there, like LadyLucks casino.

Once you’ve done that you’ll want to click on the “live casino” button found on the homepage to bring up all the games that are available. Due to the amount of choice that’s available some people may feel a little overwhelmed however there are search features here where you can just type the game you want to play in to bring it up or you can look into each category to find something a little new you might like.

As we said before when you click on the game you want to play a livestream of that table and dealer will appear on your screen who you can talk to by entering a message in the chat box. You’ll also notice there’s a stack of virtual chips here along with your account balance and making bets at any table will be done using these. To make a bet you click the chip denomination you’d like to bet with and then click once more on the betting table where you’d like to place it, be that a number on the Roulette table or a betting box in the Blackjack table. Once that’s done your bet will be live unless you click the remove bet button before the hand starts and any options you may need to make will appear on the screen for you to choose from.

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Playing at a live casino is just as easy as it is fun to play and so even if you’re completely new to the online world we’d highly recommend it as after only your first session playing we’re sure it will all come as second nature to you!