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Is it safe to play at a live casino? This is a question that gets asked a lot and it’s mainly by players who are new to the live casino scene and that’s completely understandable as this is your hard earned money you’re putting online and you want to make sure it’s absolutely safe. We had the exact same questions when we first started playing and had to find out if our money was safe before we spent a penny. That was a couple of years ago now and we found out the information we were looking for which we will now pass on to you to give you a good understanding of what makes live casinos such a safe place to play and to help put your mind to rest.

Playing at a safe live online casino

If you’re simply looking to know how to tell if a live casino is safe or not without going into all the intricate details of it all we’ll simply tell you that the answer lies within the casinos license. You can find a casino’s gambling license at the bottom of their site’s homepage and if you see it you can feel completely safe playing at their site as this is the sign of approval you’re looking for.

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The reason this gambling license is a green light in the casino world is another matter which we’ll go into now but to start things off we’ll say these are things that can’t be faked and if a site was ever up without one or put up a fake one up, they would be taken down by the government pretty much instantly! To get a gambling license you must apply to a gambling commission and there are a few of them about but if you want to offer games within the UK it must be through the UK gambling commission so we’ll talk about that one in particular.

It’s how lengthy and difficult it is to get a gambling license from the UK gambling commission that makes them such a barometer for safety as the UK gambling commission puts applicants through every test and trail to make sure the person running the casino is someone that has the skills and capabilities to do so.

When an applicant applies for a license to the UK gambling commission the first thing they do is look at that person’s identity. They want to make sure they are exactly who they say they are and have comprehensive proof to back that up. When they’re happy with this they’ll then go on to look at that person’s history looking for any criminal activity especially in the area of fraud. If something comes up here you can be sure the gambling commission are going to reject the application here as the person running this casino must be a trustworthy source. After this they then want to look at the applicant’s experience in the industry as they want to make sure the person who owns the casino knows exactly what they’re doing…which only makes sense to be honest! The final check they make on the applicant is their finances as they want to make sure they can actually afford to run a casino including the running costs as well as paying out on any big jackpot wins players may have.

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Once these parts have all come up clear the gambling commission can then move on to look at the casino itself. They start by delving into the casino’s programming making sure there are no bugs in the software and more importantly that neither the casino or the people building it have added anything they shouldn’t have. This can be a painstakingly long process as the commission leave no stone unturned so the chances of anyone getting away with anything they shouldn’t here are almost non existent.

Once the UK gambling commission has gone through it all and like what they see they then turn their attention to all the games and promotions that are being offered by the casino. Firstly they want to make sure that everything that creates a fair game such as random number generators and reasonable paybacks are put in place and that no one person or party has an advantage over anyone else.

Surprisingly, they also take a look at all the promotions which that casino are offering to ensure that they’re all completely fair and safe for the players involved. When you get a bonus from a live casino there’s usually a bit of a playing requirement so you don’t up and run with the money as soon as you get it but the agency make sure they don’t send you down a rabbit hole with all in the process.

If you thought this was getting a bit tedious to read then we’re sure you can imagine how an applicant must feel as there’s still one more area the UK gambling commission must check and that’s the business side of things and most importantly they want to make sure that player and business funds are kept completely separate and that the casino aren’t spending any of your money!

This is the final test and if it’s passed the UK gambling commission are happy to grant the applicant a license….well, for at least for a while anyway. Licenses handed out by the UK gambling commission don’t usually last too much longer than 1 year and even then there can be inspections during that time to so the high standard that’s been set must be kept up all throughout the year!

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If the UK gambling commission grants a casino a license you can well and truly know that they’re a safe and trustworthy place to play at as they’ve had to go through all these tests to make sure they have no bad history, they can afford to run a casino, they know how to run a casino, the software is safe to use, the promotions are fair for players, and your money is being kept separate from the money they’re using to run the business as well!